Everyone Wants To “Become”…

Never before has our vocation and our sense of purpose seemed more necessary than now.  And never before has creating a culture where your team members “become” mattered more.  Suddenly in a world of change and chaos beyond what any of us could ever imagine, do we demand more from our 40 hour a week commitment to our employer than just “getting our job done.”

“Leadership has to balance continuous profit driven demands with time for learning, self-refection, and personal growth that creates a rich alignment with work and purpose that employees seek to receive to make their life complete.”

This endeavor can only be achieved through authentic leadership done through real dialogue, mentoring, and creating purposeful opportunities where learning and personal growth happen.  This can be executed with accelerated promotional opportunities, collaborative team problem solving and innovation, trusting behaviors, and exposing individual vulnerability as you lead and model.

Every leader should see their role defined more as teacher and guide, versus “manager,” and how they can enrich an employee’s life through stretching, discovery, and exploration that leads to an individual’s “becoming.”  The reward for taking on this endeavor, is improved profitability as employee engagement increases, along with highly motivated execution that drives productivity and personal success.  Moreover, loyalty, genuine relationships, and the sense of belonging to something that matters … a company that cares.

Scott Weiss
CEO – Speakeasy, Inc
Author of the Amazon Best Seller “DARE!”