DARE Survey Reveals The More Leaders Communicate With Us, The Less We Trust Them; Half Of Americans Don’t Trust Business Leaders

“DARE: Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership,” authored by CEO Scott Weiss, released today, explores the crisis of trust in America, challenges leaders to adopt honesty as a business strategy

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The results of the DARE survey, announced in conjunction with the official release of “DARE: Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership,” by Scott Weiss, reveal a considerable crisis of trust related to how we feel about most leadership groups.

“DARE: Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership”

Among the key findings of the survey:

LettersDustJacket.inddThere is an inverse relationship between the amount of time a particular group communicates with us and the level of trust we have in them.
Doctors and teachers are widely cited as the most honest and trustworthy groups of leaders.
Roughly half of Americans do not believe business leaders to be honest and trustworthy.
While teachers are generally cited as trustworthy, the business leaders at educational institutions suffer from a similar lack of trust to that of general business leadership.
The leadership group cited as the least trustworthy of all is political leaders.

Download the complete results of the DARE survey by clicking here.

DARE: Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership is designed to raise awareness of this crisis and prompt a conversation that begins to rebuild trust and hold inauthentic leaders accountable for their actions.

“Sweeping changes are not the immediate goal. Rather, it is necessary to approach change from a manageable perspective – changing strategies, ideas and thought processes one by one across business,” said Scott Weiss, CEO of Speakeasy, Inc. and author of DARE. “Business leaders are far more accessible and have the most to benefit from adopting honesty as a business strategy. That’s where DARE begins.”

In DARE, Weiss calls upon third-party research, interviews and anecdotes to establish authenticity as a powerful tool in the leadership tool box and to tell the stories about businesses that have accepted the challenge and found great success in doing so.

Whether in business or in life, the essential message behind DARE applies: transparency in the way one communicates is directly linked to success, and success drives happiness.

For more information on DARE, please visit www.darethebook.com.

About the Author

Scott S. Weiss is the President and CEO of Speakeasy, Inc., a 40 year-old global communication consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco. Through his leadership work at Speakeasy, Scott has developed a unique perspective on the way today’s executives communicate – internally with their staffs and externally with their various constituents. The result is his DARE to the business community.

Scott has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, and CNNMoney as a thought leader on the impact of executive authenticity and transparency and is a frequent speaker on the subject.