Critical Communication During times of Change.

Now more than ever, communication is the key to your success.

For over thirty-five years, Speakeasy — one of the most respected communication development and coaching groups in the country — has been preparing top executives from all over the world for some of the most demanding high-consequence communication situations imaginable.

Today they introduced a new set of programs specifically designed to help business executives make the most of every opportunity they have to manage a crisis through communication. Titled Communicating in a Crisis, Advanced Communication in a Crisis, Leadership Communication During Times of Change, Change Communication: Private Coaching, the new programs are based on the same core communication principles that have driven the firms reputation for results, and are available immediately in any of the company’s three offices.

The new programs combine both style and content issues to drive real, results oriented communication that has become critical in today’s business world. Sandra Ashe, Speakeasy’s Senior Vice President in charge of Curriculum said “The changes occuring in our business world today are dramatic – unprecidented in many ways. They place new and tremendously intense pressures on all business people to make their communication work for them like never before. We’ve put these programs together specifically to help our clients deal with those issues.”

Scott Weiss, President and CEO added “We’ve been working with many of our clients for our full thirty-five years of service, and we’ve always tried to ensure that what we offer is tailored to their current reality. We’ll never abandon our core principles of communication or learning, but being sure they remain aplicable – particular;y in critical times like these is importnat.”

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